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Know How To Decide On A Scottish Boy Name For Your Little Child

It surely gets very daunting for parents to decide a name for their baby boy among the long list of popular Scottish boy names. The name should be pleasant to hear and not sound harsh. It should also go well with the last name. Parents have their own way of choosing names. Some would like to have a shorter name for the Scottish baby if the last name is long. It may be the other away round also, a long first name if the last name is short.

Keep in mind that you do not chose very funny names for the baby which may end up being very embarrassing for the child when he grows up. These funny names do not seem to be very hilarious after a while.

How to select unique baby names

Many parents look to select unique Scottish boy names for their babies. This distinguishes the child from others. But sometimes these unusual names also bring along with them unwanted attention which the child may not like. There will be probable mispronunciations and your child will have to keep correcting people all through his lifetime. Look for the significance of the name and select a name which will age well with the child. You do not want your boy to be made fun of because of his funny name which once sounded very cute to you.

Family pressure for selecting a baby name

If there is family pressure on you to give your boy a name that goes with the family heritage or family religion (for example a Biblical Christian name or a Jewish name etc) , but which you do not approve of, then you could either use the family name as a nick name or use it as the baby boy’s last name

Chances are that when you announce the baby name there may be major push backs and your family members may not like it a lot. However once you baby comes out and the hypothetical name is now a reality, they are eventually going to start loving it. Grandparents especially stick to old fashioned names which are no more popular. This creates a lot of arguments with the new parents who would be thinking of some popular Scottish boy names for their little one. Give it time and you will see that eventually the grandparents will also start accepting the name.

Want to keep your baby’s name a secret? This may not be a good idea!

Some parents choose to keep their baby’s name totally confidential till the baby arrives. It is recommended that you share the name at least with a group of close friends who can help you anticipate any problems with the name. Be it pronunciation or any confusion with the spelling of the name, this will give you ample time to make any changes to the Scottish boy name before you make the final announcement on the baby’s arrival. There are a number of online forums where you can anonymously post your baby’s chosen name and ask for ideas and suggestions. Ask for an honest opinion and avoid being very judgemental. This way you can also get some help while you still keep your baby’s name private.

Popular Scottish names

Bonnie is a well-known Scottish name for a baby girl. It means charming and pretty. The Scottish term is the derivation of the French word, bon, which means nice and good.
Mackenzie means son of the wise ruler. It has a Scottish origin and signifies the child of the fair and a wise man.

Choosing a name for your baby boy is a very time consuming task but it is worth all your effort.

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